Woman Crush Wednesday: Inspiring Instagram Accounts

I joined yet another social media platform back in November. I have to say, I REALLY enjoy instagram. I feel like there's a lot less negativity. I don't loathe logging in to look at what's going on in other people's lives. It feels like a great place to encourage and motivate.

I wanted to share with you some instagram accounts I follow that I have found very motivating. With inspiring messages, real life stories...it's hard to not be impressed and motivated by these women.

When exercising and eating right seem like a chore. Sometimes what you have to do is just set your mind to it and do it.
Thank you ladies for helping me keep my game on track.

 Becca is a deployment veteran momma. Working hard on her fitness journey while taking care of two kids & supporting her hard working hubby. Her ambition and continue for growth is inspiring. Plus she keeps it's 100% real with how long and how slow this journey is taking her.

Coaching Page

This girl is amazing! Yes she sells shakeology. She's not super 'sales-y' though. Her journey is real. She travels constantly for her job, so she fights for her health in ways we can't imagine. She is also a fellow PCOSer Soul-Cycster. I love checking her page. One of her recent posts is actually what inspired me to go get my massage just this past Saturday. Take care of yourself!

Lisa Trujillo
Active Wear

This woman is gorgeous. She doesn't look like a quote/unquote typical fitness model. Instead she's got curves for days and she's proud of it. So proud, she created her own line of active wear to support the curves. Her active wear is on my wish-list. Plus her inspiring comments about changing your mind set.  Just love it.

Aduebbe Osuna  ~ Shirt Shop
 I can't say enough about this woman. I love each and every one of her posts. Inspiring. Motivating. She has a regular post about how your weight is just a number and it's 100% about what you eat and how you train that shapes your body. I see her posts and it reminds me to love myself and lift heavy!

Jordaan Spark 
YouTube Channel 
 I came across Jordan's account quite on accident. She has this picture of her and her hubby in the pool and her loose skin is just kind of hanging there. She's smiling and happy, with her arms wrapped tight around her husband. Once weighing over 300lbs she now leads an active healthy lifestyle that keeps others motivated.

Tanya Poppett 
Train With Tanya

I also don't remember how I came across Tanya's account. I love her inspiring messages though under neath each one of her pictures. It's a quick go to when I need a small push to make better decisions about my health during the day.

Diet Bet

Last, but by no means least. Here's Lexi. She started her fitness journey at over 480 pounds. Her and her husband decided to make a change in their every day life about how they lived, ate, and exercised. Every time she posts it helps remind me of how far I've come. As a reminder to not let myself slip back into old habits, old routines. The stories she share under each photo, are soul touching. How she and her husband felt like they were just existing and not living. They are an inspiration.

I do not own any of these photos. Each photo credit belongs to the photographers of their individual pages. 

P.s. I'm certain this is one of many instagram inspiring accounts I'll share. I'll be sharing more motivating people again soon.