YouTube Channels for Fitness

In an effort to cut bills and gain happiness without watching all the news, we cut out our cable bill. Since that time the Man has been OBSESSED with watching YouTube videos on a our, new to us, flat screen t.v.
I'm not a huge YouTube person, I mainly only use it for workouts. Such as Fitness Blender and Yoga with Adriene, which have AMAZING videos.

Fitness blender is ran by a couple whose videos are all about the workout. Everything from warm ups to cool downs and everything in between. HIIT workouts, strength training, you name it, it's probably on there. I've done quite a few where my booty has been so sore the next but in the best way possible. I know I got a good workout at home from one of their videos. They are also very encouraging. Often taking a break to catch their breath. They make you feel a little more at home, well, while you're at home. Kelli is very inspiring, look for her video on her struggle with food.

Other note-able things I like about their videos, they have a suggested calorie burn on the side of the video. They also give you plenty of options for low impact, or modifying an exercise.

Yoga with Adriene, is also a great channel I subscribe too. Adriene is also very down to earth, easy to listen too, and encourages you to find what works best for you. I forgot how much I love yoga. It settles my mind and focuses my breath. I've not been sleeping well lately and find that if I'm struggling to even WANT to workout, I'll at least do some yoga. Yoga is a great way to tone your body while calming your mind.

One of the fun things that has come out of the Man's obsession with YouTube is the channel called Mental Floss. John Green is one of the hosts of the show, where they talk about just random facts, you may or may not know. It's been pretty fascinating learning random facts about states, kissing cousins, things that make you weird. I feel like we've only touched the tip of the iceberg with this particular channel, but I did want to share with you one video in particular that the Man saved just for me. It was the 25 Facts about Fitness. It's worth the watch, and has also given a new goal time for my next marathon...that I'll complete some day....oh and apparently, the hubs is only 1 year away from starting to exercise as the video to find out what I'm talking about.

John Green is hosting a new show on YouTube called 100 Days. It looks like it's wrapped up already, but it's about two self proclaimed nerds learning about fitness and exercise for 100 days. I can't to dive into it. Here's the intro. Even the preview is a funny.

I am off to bed...I've been trying to get better quality and QUANTITY sleep. Starts with routine. Off to bed.