14 Things to Buy Instead of Junk Food

I'm not going to lie, sometimes...often...when I feel down or feel like I've accomplished something. I buy myself a treat, and by treat I mean food. Usually chocolate. Last night, I was feeling just a smidge blue, so I wanted to buy me a pick me up. I knew I needed to get up early for a training run before work, but I also didn't want to over eat and fall back into old habits. I decided the best thing to buy was one of those Bai drinks. I love the way they taste and they give me just enough energy without over taking my system. Perfect for an early morning workout.

I love the Bai drinks. I don't stomach coffee all that well, maybe about once a year and that's it. Don't get me wrong I do like it but my tummy can't handle it.

Often times what we're looking for is an insta-gratification for a pick me up. Something that will soothe the soul, or help it rejoice. While as a Chrisitan we should always look to Christ for all things, I did wonder...what are some things I could buy instead of food.

There are lists out there that give you things to do instead of eating food when your bored, tired, upset, emotional, angry etc...although...not sure I can think of anyone who eats when they're angry.

I'm sure it happens though. Anyway, I digress. (As usual.) Those lists are great but sometimes I find myself already doing half of those things. I think those lists are great ways for eliminating mindless eating.

The list below however, are Frugal Things You can Buy instead of chocolate or junk food. This way you feed that instant gratification need, without over spending at the bank, do something nice for yourself, and you won't feel guilty for something you "shouldn't eat" or could save on calories for something you REALLY want.  (DISCLAIMER:: Don't let spending habits go crazy though, you also don't want a bunch of nick-nacks lying around that you're not using either.)

1. Bai Drinks-- low on the glycemic index, a small amount of caffeine for the right kind of pick me, tastes great!
2. Gum -- why not? I know I can chew some gum when I'm angry.
3. Gas station trinkets. Personally I love hysterical magnets. I have one with a bunch of trees, one of the trees is lying on the bottom and the caption says "Who cut one?"
4. A hat -- Most of the time less than $20.
5. FLIP FLOPS!!! I know you can get some cheap flip flops.
6.  Cards - I love walking down the card aisle just to read cards sometimes. I used to just pick a random few for in case moments. It's not a bad idea to have these on hand.
7. Flowers - they're cheery. They smell nice. They brighten a room, plus flowers are just nice to have around.
7. Makeup. I mean if that's your thing, but who doesn't like a nice eye shadow pallet? I don't particularly know what to do with any other colors then neutral but, you do you.
8. Music. I am addicted to my Google Play. If I have $2 extra and need some motivation I bride myself with tunes. Also a great treat instead of food.
9. A new book! Okay, books might be expensive, but I've found some pretty decent ones for less than $6 (including taxes) on my nook.
10. During the winter, always treat yourself to warmest, fuzziest socks you can find. Extra bonus if you drink a cup of hot tea while watching your favorite movie. But start with the socks.
11. Funky nail polish colors. I look the weird names some of these have. Plus every time I pull my shoes off my tired feet, I love how cute they look painted.
12.  Thrift store stop. Buy a new top, buy a bookcase, or a lamp. Thrift stores are awesome for small quick, "frugal" pick me ups. Heck allow yourself to buy a CD that you never bought when you 12 but REALLY wanted. No one will judge you...well not me anyway.
13. If you work at an office you can buy magnets or fun sticky notes to spruce your area.
14. Buy yourself a toy, like the Talking Wookie Mask.

Treat Yo' Yourself.