Conquering the Morning

I did it. I actually did it. I set my alarm to get me out of bed at 6:30 this morning, and I actually got out of 6:55am. But I still got out of bed early. I set my intentions last night to get my 4 mile in this morning verses after work. I knew with the hectic weekend that I was going to need to cross train Saturday morning, and as I discovered last week, having a night work out immediately followed by a morning workout, just doesn't work well for my body.
The turn around time to recover just doesn't work for me.

Knowing I will be doing a kettle bell DVD tomorrow morning, I knew it would be better to run this morning. I still got up made, breakfast, the hubby's breakfast, AND my lunch.
In all reality I only got 3.30miles done this morning instead of the 4 that I am suppose to run according to my training schedule, but I got it done.

It was invigorating to be able to release the rest of the negative mood I've been floating around with this last week.

I feel more alive at work today, because I accomplished a task most people probably weren't even thinking about before their morning coffee. Well, I also LOATHE getting up in the morning, so that in itself is pretty impressive :)

This running business might turn me into a morning person after all. Running I've noticed is a process. Talking with a client today they shared with me their desire to start running. You should probably never tell a runner this, because we become overly ecstatic and want to help you all the time with your goals. We will offer to run with you on your first big race too...or at least I do...because I love it so much. (Side note, I really need a race fund jar. Anyone have cute ideas or where you can buy one?)

She asked where my foot strikes on the pavement? I'm a mid foot/toe striker. Someone advised me that running on your heels isn't the best idea. Performance and health wise. I developed into a mid foot/toe striker, and it took me awhile to figure out how to freaking breath correctly as well. Heading into my 4th year of running, I'm only just now discovering how my body reacts to certain foods before, during, and after a run. I also have to get to have a very clean eating diet when it comes to running. With the reduction of sugar I eat, I become INCREDIBLY ansty after a run if I have shot blocks, or apparently, gu's. It has been an evolving process over the last 4 years, when I walked my first 2miles, to next month when I will run my first Half marathon. 
Don't be afraid to keep pushing forward and trying new things. 

I found a really great article on Runner's World that gives amazing advice on starting to run. Their first piece of advice was to start with run/walks. That's exactly how I started. I would start by walking then tell myself to run until I reached the lamp post or the fire hydrant. Often times I went further than I expected but I also often came just a bit short. Only do as much as your body will allow you to do. If you push to hard to fast you could injure yourself. 
It's the same as exercising, you don't have to run to feel good about yourself. But you do have to move. 
For more tips on running click the link above. It will help you get started and set goals for how to begin running. A lot of people I know also used that Couch to 5k app. Either of these will be great running tools. OR go to a running store, such as Peak Performance or search out a running store in your area, I guarantee they will help you start running, injury free even. Some places even have running clinics. 

Easily, my favorite running verse...

Get out there. Conquer the morning. Conquer the day. Get moving!
You won't regret it.