Switchin' it Up & Minor Victories

I have decided to switch up my training days a bit this week and see if it helps me to not be sore and stiff on Sunday morning.

Iron Woman and I will be running 11 miles this Sunday! Oh man...I have to keep reminding myself that my only two goals are to finish and to have fun. That should be easy enough right?

The new schedule will look somewhat like this...

Tuesday- Yoga &Abs
Wednesday- Cross Train
Friday- Run
Saturday- Upper Body or Rest

Today I am trying a rest day, to see if that gives me some reserved energy to use tomorrow. That's a thing, right? Reserved energy? LOL!

This quote is incredibly true. There has been a voice in my head that keeps telling me that I can't do this. That I am incapable of achieving this dream. It is REALLY HARD to keep pushing forward. Especially when faced with a snack attack at the movie theater. 

I have been CRAVING sugar the last few days. I keep trying to find cheats around consuming it though. Such as using better sugar sources, like the zucchini brownies with agave nectar instead of white sugar, or the chocolate almond milk (without dairy). 
But I had some cheats yesterday. I tried the most amazing decaff latte from Starbucks, and I may or may not have had a cupcake someone brought to work as well. 

Friday night's are date nights at our house and we decided that a movie out sounded like a great idea, but when we got to the theater all I wanted was bunch-a-crunch. My most favorite movie candy...next to peanut butter m&m's and popcorn...let me tell you, until I bought  water and was physically sitting in the theater I couldn't stop thinking about the candy. 

Have you been there? Obsessing about eating just one more sweet morsel of cholately goodness? It's really hard to over come it!

I had to keep repeating to myself. "There's soy in it. You've had your two treats for the day. You enjoyed those treats. There's soy in it. There's to much sugar in it. If you really wanted it, you could pay $1 for it at the dollar store vs $2.50 for the same size box at the counter. There's soy in it." It worked...I kept staring at the box of amazing...crunchy...chocolate...NO! NO!! I OVERCAME! LOL!!!

This morning I stepped back on the scale and noticed that my victory paid off. I am back within my comfort zone again! I was nervous that my sugar attacks were getting out of hand & a few of the over eating days were going to get the best of me...but as I said Thursday, no fear.

I need not have fear of losing to much or gaining to much. I know how to control my diet. I know where I feel more comfortable and I know I would like to have more muscles. I know it will also be another long slow process to achieve a sculpted toned look but I am willing to fight for it. I am willing to work for it.

Are you? Do you believe you are worth your small victories? The denial of another sugary treat? Are you worth your wanting to see your goal weight on the scale?

If you don't believe you are, you're wrong. You are worth every step you take towards your journey. No holds Barr. Take one step in the direction today that will be hard, but worth it. 

Every time you choose to overcome the treat, do the work out. Drink the water instead of soda, you win. You win self respect, self love, and confidence. 

What can you do today that you will be thankful for?