Biggest Loser Saturday

I am finally getting around to clearing out some space on my DVR...sort of. This morning instead of watching the Colbert Report or the Daily Show, I realized I had The Biggest Loser sitting in my Que. I watched it while I got ready for work.

I LOVE this show! I watched it the entire time I was trying to lose weight. Seeing those people barring their souls like that. Weighing themselves in front of the nation. With numbers on the scale reaching over 400 pounds. That's powerful.

To watch these people work so hard to achieve the emotional happiness and peace with their bodies. It really is a show to watch when yourself are fighting "the bulge". Fighting whatever is keeping you from having the type of life you want.

Because it's more than a perfect body right? You should want more than to fit into the bikini next summer. It's not a bad plan to have, but it shouldn't be your only plan. Inspire those around you. Make good choices when eating, feel how your stomach feels when you only put nutritious food into it. Enjoy the glow of your skin when you stop eating the things that are causing acne. (cough, cough...lookin' at me!) Watch your body transform into this power house of agility and strength. Accomplish crazy tasks like walking a mile, running a half marathon, doing a headstand in yoga. Attending a boot camp at your local gym. Be able to play with your kids and not feel winded.
Think beyond the clothes and see what lies deeper. Believe that you are worth this journey.

I can't wait to see what season 16 brings. I will REALLY miss Jillian, she is obviously my favorite person, but I'm excited about the two new trainers. They seem promising & very encouraging.

Alright everyone, I have a busy busy weekend ahead but I will post pictures tomorrow from my first 10k! Yahoo!!! My celebration of the first time I ever put on a racing bib.