Could it GO any more wrong?

Do you ever just stand there and see all your dreams floating away down the river? Or rather piling up in your basement where the water is flowing through the cracks in your foundation?
That was my day yesterday. I was so excited to have 6 whole days of nothing but putting my house together. FINALLY, finally getting to organizing the upstairs room. The guest room was FINALLY put together, the computer room was so close to be organized and tapped off for painting. I started taking stuff to the downstairs room for storage until I was ready to organize the downstairs and I realized the carpet in basement was soaked.

Called the hubby, he came thing you know everything I had just done, had to be undone. Everything I took downstairs went right back up stairs. After tearing out carpet, drywall, and Styrofoam installation, assessing the damage, it turns out it's bad...but it's not THAT bad. We still have to dig a hole in the backyard to assess the outside damage but so far...we can fix it ourselves and not have to hire out or spend heaping amounts of money.

Please send a prayer our way. We need them. We had a few from family and friends yesterday and it was super helpful. It kept the inside job from being massive. It helped my racing mind...and when my mind races...I want food.

I find comfort in food. I am sure you understand what I mean. Something about chocolate or a giant bowl of pasta of butter and salt always seem to make my mind feel better...or at least it used to.

I was a HUGE pasta baby growing up. All things pasta. I ate it as comfort food, because it was easy to make...because I loved it. When my doctor put me on the low carb diet last year, it was strange how I NEVER craved pasta. Strangest thing! I wanted all of the sugar in the world! LOL, but that just proves all the pasta I was eating, which was white and broke down into glucose a lot quicker, was sugar. I was consuming so much sugar.

I used the pasta as a coping mechanism. When I was put on my diet last year, I was forced to change my ways. Not a bad thing though, a-i-right? Helped me to realize I didn't need to use food as a crutch. That there are other ways I could cope. By praying, by drinking water. By changing my thought pattern, by even finding HEALTHY substitutes for my food cravings.    

Last night amidst the chaos, the frustration I found myself wanting SOMETHING to take the edge off. A glass of wine sounded nice, but I wanted to save a glass for when I earn it, which is AFTER a really good workout or weeks worth of workouts.

So, I did end up having some added sugar yesterday via a yogurt...yes I know...dairy...but it tastes like red velvet cake & it's better than consuming soy. Although...I did have a Reese's cup. BUT...they were serving size portions and it was AFTER all the work I did yesterday...which I'm happy to report, I sweated out 2lbs of water weight since yesterday. ha!

My muscles are SO sore! There's not a whole lot that can be done today for the house. I am going to attempt to set up as much as the Halloween decor as I can with stuff...stuffed into the living room and kitchen. I do have to scrap up the adhesive crap off the basement floor sometime today...finish the laundry, and with some of my time today I'm going attempt to make paleo apple & pumpkin pie.

Still sticking with low carb, healthy, no alcohol choices today. Maybe drop the last two pounds...over the next couple of days.

What. A. Vacation.

Alright everyone, Blessings to you,


Amy Caroline said…
I'm the same way. I had a terrible day yesterday and found myself in the kitchen with a spoonful of peanut butter and about 10 semi-sweet chocolate chips. It was the closest thing to a Reeces I could get my hands on. lol
Amanda Goe said…
That sounds like a semi-decent cheat ;)