Post Halloween Carnage

The day after Halloween. I did REALLY well last night! No candy whatsoever! Wawhooo!! We only had 175 trick or treaters last night, which is actually pretty slow for our neighborhood. It was fun though.

Okay...this potato is SUPPOSED to look like it has a face carved into for mini shrunken heads...if you can! I suppose I also could have made sweet potato fries, which would have had less of an impact on blood sugar levels but all in all I'd say food wise I had a great night! Everyone loved the rosemary roasted carrots, the fruit kabobs, which I still have a few left over...darn.
Oh, I also made this really awesome Fall Drink...

8 cups of water
2 organic apples, the original recipe said Fuji apples work best, but I only had red delicious
6 thin slices of ginger
and 4-6 cinnamon sticks

Everyone loved it! Quite refreshing, no sugar whatsoever. I ran out, the family kept drinking it! I just added more water to it before I went to bed last night, so we'll see how many days I get out of. I also made homemade dip for everyone...I chose not to eat it because it had dairy & soy in it. It was

3/4 cup sour cream
3/4 cup mayo
Add seasonings to your preference of how much, but I added dill, parsley, black pepper, and garlic. My mom LOVED it!

So far I have done a great job of totally avoiding soy & gluten. Minimal dairy. Net carb count has been "okay" this last week.
I have wondered if corn is an inflammation "causer". My skin is looking pretty decent but I still have quite a few oil pits. Typically these only pop up when I eat foods that are bad for me. I've done pretty well, and while I haven't had any actual corn, I've had a lot of corn chips.
Corn seems to be on every one's hit list of Vegetables to Never Eat.
All in all not a bad idea to stay away from it.
I will try to do some blog scouring to HOMEMADE chips that are NOT made from tortilla's & go great with salsa. While I could go run and grab some from the store, I also still need to be watching the budget...Speaking of which...

I was ALL geared up to sign up for the 10k Trail Run on Thanksgiving morning, but they sold out!! Which is great for them because it supports our local food bank, but it looks as if I will not be a participant this year. I checked out a few of the upcoming races through the end of the year & I'm not sure I am going to be able to make it to one!!! CALL THE NEWS STATION!!! I WON'T GET TO RACE!!!! I will still run. I am planning on a nice light jog tomorrow. I think this works out okay, because it will give me time to focus on and complete my weight lifting program. It's going great! I haven't taken measurements of my hips/stomach/thighs or anything but overall,  I feel like I am growing stronger, which is what I wanted. Might have to find me a tape to measure with...

Bleh...that was a super lengthy post.
Thank you for reading everyone! I hope you have a great weekend and I will be back tomorrow!

Now to just take down all of that Halloween stuff & get ready for the next bloody battle...Thanksgiving.