Tabata for when your tired

Post surgery day...Not bad...not great, but not bad. Ive got my movies lined up for the day and TV shows ready to go. Trying to eat more than I had yesterday. It was hard to eat but I did my best. I've eaten more today than I did yesterday. So that's good but the soreness has definitely set in.

I will FOR SURE not be working out until probably Sunday...or Monday. In the AMAZING brother sent me this link...for those of you feeling...a little like me...well...I think you will like this list too.

It is a great list. Read through it. I Think my favorite suggestion other than taking a nap, lol, is the Tabata training. I love Tabata. Tabata when your tired? Sounds like an oxymoron! Tabata is typically a 45min workout where exercises are done at high intensity at 45seconds followed by 30 second rest periods. It's quick. It's REALLY fun and you feel amazing afterwards. I found some great Tabata workouts...the photo credits are included in the photos

Or check out some of these awesome videos for more Tabata workouts. The first video is my favorite. Fitness blender is the best place to find workouts. 

Enjoy everyone! Hope you're not as sore as I am. Thank you for all the healing prayers please keep them coming as the next two days are pretty crucial. 
Thank you!!!

I am off to watch movies. 

Heaven is For Real (Great book by the way too)

This Means War (My chick flick for the day)

And a few seasons of Castle!

Blessings everyone,