The internet is down at my house for some asinine reason. But basically it's difficult to post whilst not being plugged into the wifi/internet...mostly because I am not tech savy. I have to wait for my husband to call the cable company and figure that business out...basically, I'll do my best to keep posting, but I might miss a few extra days.

Yesterday, I fiddle farted around about going to the gym. This week hit & I basically haven't been in the mood to anything lately. So instead I stayed home and worked out while watching TV. Here are the two exercises I did.

I'm only sort of feeling the soreness in the abs but BOY OH BOY are my legs killing me...I was super lazy and only did 1 set of each of these. Today, I started back up with the Jaime Eason Program again. It was great to get back into the routine of exercising on Tuesday. Although, today I am a walking zombie...doing my best not to fall asleep standing up.

I did want to mention that acne routine that I recently started following has really been working. Still quite a few dark spots/scars but overall I feel I have really curbed the actual break outs.

PLANKMAS UPDATE:: Have you been keeping up? Don't feel bad if you haven't...quite honestly I forgot an entire week last week. I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized I'm suppose to be up to 2mins 45secs. Holy Man!
That was tough, I've noticed that if I switch it up such as hold dolphin plank for so long, then do a right side plank, switch to left side plank, one foot plank...switch foot....regular plank, I can do that...but the last two days have kicked my butt. My body drops at about 1min 45secs. I hit pause get back do 20 secs...fall, get back up and finish out the set. If anyone else has been keeping up with this, I will be in real trouble tomorrow.

If you have to, switch to your knees. Either way, I will finish out a 3min plank tomorrow! Even if I have to hit pause and then start again. LOL...I'll let you know how it goes.

Blessings everyone,
Thanks for stopping by.