The Mighty 300

I did something today that I haven't done in a very long time. I cleaned my house. And by clean, I mean...dusted...organized...arranged.

Spring cleaning come early?

No, more like stress cleaning. I found myself in a mood for a multitude of reasons. I had my aunt's health journey post all cued up and ready to go today but I know I needed to post today about creating healthy decisions while stressing out.

I won't go into what brought me to this particular chasm of the void of feelings and the immense feelings, but I will tell you I recognized almost immediately that it was going to be an uphill battle day with these emotions. I texted Mrs. America. "To gym or to clean? Or both?"
She texted back "Gym then clean."

After a back and forth conversation between 3, now, sparkling clean rooms in my house (the kitchen is left) I realized why I was cleaning. I definitely felt like doing nothing as in "sit on the couch, watch tv, contemplate not going to work", but haha just kidding that's never an option, since I'm not a rich house wife & I actually kind of really like my job. I didn't quite break a sweat, mind you, while I was cleaning for almost 2 hours but I did manage to get moving.

When I clean my house I turn on the movie 300. It's easily one of my top 5 movies of all time. I can hear what you're thinking 'well sure! All the hot guys & those abs!'
That's *almost* exactly the point. Those Abs! I love this movie. Not just because of how well it's acted/scripted/lighted/the physique of the actors but because it's a story of fighting an uphill battle and it helps remind me, if I want abs like that...I have to battle for them.

Back in August I wrote a similar post, a month before running the half marathon-so 3/4ths the way through training, about trudging through mud. How when fighting for something you want can really seem like a wall, or a pit of thick mud, or even an uphill battle.
So while I was battling some intense feelings this morning it was good to watch a favorite movie. It reminded me to make good choices today, because I want THOSE ABS on my body, and because it reminds me that throughout history people have fought and won many hard battles.

Mrs. America said "I think a candy bar would good but do your workout first. That way there isn't any self loathing afterwards." once I told her I was thinking of eating one.

Unfortunately I didn't get to my workout, albeit my house is a bit more clean, but I don't feel like I quite need that chocolate bar anymore. I did buy myself some incredibly healthy snacks for the week and that felt ALMOST as good as eating that chocolate bar.
I did buy 1 cheat meal that I will save for this weekend. So Delicious has a gluten free/dairy free/soy free cookies and cream ice out now & I can't WAIT to take a bite!

 When facing a stress induced sugar coma OR making the hard choice to stay on track with your diet & exercise plan can be very hard. Especially when the sugar demons keep pestering you.  So no, while King Leonades didn't survive the war, he did drove home the point that even a "god-king" can bleed. Sort of like fighting the false feelings of abandoning your workout or eating those unhealthy snacks. That Greece really did need to mount an army to overthrow the power and destruction coming after them. Get help when stressed, text a friend, have them help guide you when you are not feeling that strong. Just like Gideon in the book of Judges who needed just a little reassurance that the battle against the Midiantes could be and was won. Read scripture, blog posts, look up quotes for the those times when you need to be reminded that this battle can be won. You may die trying but it's better than giving up and dying without effort.
Reminds me of that Garth Brooks song, Standing outside the Fire. Great running song, but also a great reminder that if we are to live life we will get burned at some point, otherwise what are risking by sitting idly by & not getting back out there, lacing up those shoes, making those healthy choices? We risk everything. We risk not finally being happy with ourselves, with life, we risk not gaining the knowledge and confidence it comes with setting up goals and knocking them down.

Be a part of the Mighty 300. The battle may seem daunting but with immense effort, lots of determination, and goal (such as seeing a free Greece), you will win this battle.