Day 2...

I'm not even sure I can call this day too...maybe day 2 prepping stage? I'm getting further into the 21 Day Sugar Detox Book.

(From Diane's Website Balanced Bites)

I'm enjoying it because it's a pretty easy read, and I've been "studying" this way of thinking for almost over a year now. It's pretty easy so far. However, I must admit I'm SUPER impatient and I kind of skipped ahead to the recipe section. I'm finding some really great recipes & it is helping me plan my next weekly shopping trip (I'll post tomorrow, I have one more store to get to tonight.)

But some of the recipes have me branching out...such as the Mini-Mexi Meatloafs. I'm hoping I'll be able to make enough to create two meals out of it.

I need to keep plugging away at the book. I really want give up added sugar for lent but I think I am going to just keep continuing to phase it out. I only have one oatfit packet left & today at the store I bought gluten free oats again, only $6 for a big bag! I'm excited, normally I feel as if a bag that size is $10 so I was really stoked!

I did want to post one product review. I am not endorsed by either of these companies, nor do I sell either of these products. It was just two different packets I've tried for "energy drinks". I guess I am kind of partial to yoli, I was introduced to it first, but I've read the ingredients list and everything is straight forward and includes lots of fruits and herbs. (From the Yoli website)

I guess a do use quite a bit of supplements...I take fish oil, vitamin d, things of that nature. I do like to use the "energy powders" from yoli before I lift or before I run. Usually on race day. I did start taking it when I lift though because sometimes it just gets me excited to go to the gym.
I don't take any of those I can't speak to those. I can only tell you what I have chosen to use myself.
I like yoli because it really does feel like I have a ton of energy after I have 1 scoop or 1 packet. Tons! There is no crash afterward either. I feel like I can push harder during a workout too, just a little, nothing man hulk crazy.
With that said...I'm out of my favorite go get 'em drink!
A stylist at the salon had me try Isagenix for my next lifting workout... tasted good, and I was happy that it was soy, gluten, and dairy free...but there was no boost. It also has twice the calories in one of their large packs as the yoli passion and from what I understand it has "hidden sugar". The fructose and dextrose.
I would rather not lead you to a bunch of .com websites saying why they "might be bad". You can however go to NCBI databases and formulate your own opinion. Whatever you feel comfortable using in your house is totally awesome.

I would just say if your looking for a HUGE boost in energy Isagenix probably isn't what you will be looking for. The website does say that it sustainable energy, which I guess I did feel pretty fine the rest of the day, but not like I do when I drink the passion drinks from yoli. I have a pretty big boost, but I don't physically feel like it. I literally just start moving and I'm ready to go. There is no crash afterward either. I just felt fine...normal the rest of the day & I feel like I sleep better...probably because I'm expending all my energy through the day after having a passion drink.

There is one more energy drink I've had in the past but I've only had it once and it's the XS brand from AmWay. They have caffeine and sugar free options, and boy does that stuff get me moving!!! MOVING! Even without the caffeine! But I need to drink it again before I can really speak to it. I think it was almost too much for me, but the taste was good and the girls from the salon really like it when I had them try it. Again, I do not sell this product either. I also do not know the ingredients of the XS brand.

In the end it's probably to-may-to/to-mat-o on the Fructose, all I can tell is I prefer yoli. When I do take it.
The 21 Day Sugar Detox book is suppose to have ideas for energy boosts for working out...but like I said... I skipped in a month me drinking energy drinks...might be a thing of the past.

Are there products you like? Someone suggested raisins or dried fruit for energy on runs. For my half marathon I used these guys...which I kind of miss and haven't made SINCE my half...might need to make some.

We'll see... I've been thinking about reducing the amount of protein powder I use...however the kind I use (Sun Warrior). No added sugar.

Anyway, I'll post my weekly menu tomorrow, it looks delicious!!! LOL