Finding the Motivation When There Isn't One

My apologies for not getting behind a keyboard yesterday. It's been a bit of a weird week for me. Led by the fact that I apparently forgot what day it was...luckily nothing of import is on the books for this evening. (My writing is probably as random style is probably as random as the thoughts in my head. Hopefully you enjoy all of it, haha)

Thursday I got all the way to the gym. It was hard stuff too because we had-had a pretty decent sized snowfall the day before, so to get up, put on a bunch of layers, pack my gym bag & make it all the way to the gym before I headphones were on the dresser in the bedroom.

Do I go back?

Do I stay?

Do I search frantically through my bag hoping I'm wrong & that the extra set I had did not magically get washed in the washing machine & I did not actually throw them away? 
Yep, nope...those got thrown away & I was not wrong.

How do you workout without music?

Well, I psyched myself up originally to get to the gym. It was my first time physically at the gym since probably Saturday. I knew that if I went home, that I probably would have just ended up staying there.

The truth, no I don't always have the motivation to get up early, to go to the gym...especially these days. I honestly, sometimes I think, 'what is the point?'

This quote, is me.  Not just with running, but with a good 50% of my fitness adventures. Reminding myself everyday what "working out", what exercising, does for me. It boosts my endorphins. It helps control blood sugar levels. Will help me look great in clothes. Boosts my confidence by how strong I am becoming. Bottom line. I do enjoy it. I never regret workout. I only regret the ones I never get to.

I probably work harder on the days I don't want too, because I am pushing past tough mental arguments. 

I just made the choice to go into the gym & hopefully the absence of headphones wouldn't give others the invitation to start a conversation with me. At first I had to listen to one of those daily talk shows that just gets old after awhile. Once I figured out that no one was watching it impossible mission of staying motivated became much better. Flipped over to spike TV & Mission Impossible was on.

I don't know what it is about getting out of my head (another benefit of exercise) but I am able to almost "double down" on my workouts. The last time I watched a movie at the gym, I was there for 75minutes...but I guess Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows will do that to a person. 

Keep at it. Dig deep. Remind yourself why you exercise. And if all else fails...turn a movie and just walk in place...or do 50 squats...either way, your booty will look great at the end and you will feel accomplished and relaxed all at the same time.

Blessings everyone, 

I hope you have a great Saturday, I will post pictures of our delayed run tomorrow!!!!!