The Power of Saying No to Cake

I almost totally forgot that it's Moving Mountains 1 year BLOG-O-VERSARY today!!! I almost wasn't going to post as it's late where I am at, but once I remembered what today was I got kind of excited. One year of my meandering thoughts on health, fitness, and PCOS.

Thank you for sticking with me on this journey. I'm sure my blog posts are as random and varied as I am. I have written 258 times over this last year. Head over to my first post to get a glimpse at my first introduction to the world wide web. The blog has changed some over the last year. I do post randomly on Saturdays some times & I only post recipes when I can, but I stick to mostly one format. Motivating you.

Today's motivation comes from the power of saying no. After my hubby's surprise birthday yesterday I had cake...and a big brownie...and some chocolate chips...and some corn chips. (Okay, so I'm still working towards reducing sugar...but yesterday was an exception.) I had been planning on having a pretty epic cheat day. We ended up having left over cake...

I bet you can see where this is going...I had been dreaming of cake all day today. Knowing it was sitting in my fridge all delicious and sweet. As soon as I opened the fridge to start making dinner I immediately pulled out the cake. I split the 3 pieces between my husband and I. As I dug into the first piece I was eating my fit girl brain kicked in.

"Do you really want this? Yeah it's good, but you had some yesterday. You know how you feel when you eat to much processed food. You remember what it feels like when you can feel the gluten knife its' way through your colon. You could have grapes instead if you want something sweet."

It worked. The self conversation totally worked. By the time I was done prep talking my self...(if you noticed in a positive manner, instead of beating up on myself for my choice, I talked myself out of choice)...I had only had 3 bites of the cake. I threw the rest away. It was wasteful of me, but it had to be done. I needed to know that still eating it was not an option.

Because I had the power to say "This cake doesn't have power over me" I am in a great mindset to keep saying no to the still 3 remaining pieces of cake still in the fridge. Makes me feel like a conqueror.

My prayer for you today...(Found at Christians TT)

It takes courage to have power over what has power over you. But something as simple as saying no, making a fist, and deciding that you will put that piece of cake away (or in the trash, in my case) or that you WILL get your booty up early to work those glutes, burn those calories. One great decision will lead to more. And more leads to mountains being moved.

Blessings everyone, I hope I have continued to motivate you & inspire you to make healthy changes in your life. Thank you for being a part of mine by reading my blog posts. I appreciate you & you keep me going.

Blessings Everyone,