Crazy Tuesday

My tracker has me at almost 8,000 steps for the day and it's only 4pm. I still have 5 hours left here at work. I imagine I'll be hitting that 10,000 mark today. I'm officially done with week 9 of the Jaime Eason Live Fit Trainer...finally.

Only three more "weeks" left! LOL. Overall I'm really enjoying phase 3. Every time I click on a day, I know I'm in for a good workout. It's an interesting mix of cardio, plyometrics, and weight lifting. I feel my muscles becoming stronger, my endurance levels rising, and my mood boosting.

Exercising has really become a great source of stress relief for me. It helps me channel my negative energy into something more positive. Into something more constructive.

Another great tip I learned years ago, but have yet to practice, is to keep your idle hands busy. For instance, if I am having an incredibly stressful day or a very emotional day for whatever reason, instead of running into the kitchen and using that to rely on feeling better, I could also work on a project. Anything from a wreath, to scrapbooking, or even combing through pictures online to put together in an online scrapbook. Anything to keep your hands in motion.
I am currently working on two projects, I can't share them with you yet, as one is a present for a family member, but it helps keep my mind busy. Keeping your hands busy, typically will allow your brain to let go of what it's holding onto. If you find yourself in a stressful situation but don't have time to go for a run or it's to late a night, a few yoga moves can really help.

Alright everyone, I have got to get out of here and get ready for my next client. Hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday and I will post again tomorrow.