Murph Day Training

After running yesterday I clued into the pain in the back of knee. A little nagging reminder that I wasn't exactly prepared for the run on Sunday...that and I wore heels the night before. Shouldn't have done that.

I just wasn't in peak running condition. Which reminded me that this year, I'd really like to be in better shape for the upcoming Murph. I had started doing pull ups last year. I used the pull up machine, maybe not quite where I want to be, but I'm a month out, so training began today.

Between now and the Murph, I want to build up to the ultimate challenge. I still won't be running with a vest, like I did last year and I will be doing box pull ups, but overall I want to be ready for the day...more so than I was last year. The video below will take you through the different types of pull ups you'll be able to do.

Today, even though I didn't work out, I still accomplished 30 air squats, and 30 push ups.

I found this on Pinterest, it's a bit of a small daily challenge you can use to start working towards the the Murph challenge itself. 

This one small daily challenge can add up to a lot. 

 (Don't click the picture, use this link- The Murph Challenge)

Support the foundation, your donation can turn into a big thing. One small workout can change your day. Can change your week, your life.

One step at a time. 
Hope everyone had a great start to the week. If not, I hope it gets better!
Blessings everyone,