Murph Training update

It occurred to me today that I hadn't been Keeping up on my Murph Training. Eek!
I had the option of starting week 11 of the Jaime Eason Live Fit Program or training for the murph.  Seeing as how I'm only a week and a half out,  I decided on the latter.

Today's workout had me drenched in sweat!  I also had help in my pull ups today!  Normally I hate talking to people in the gym but today must have been the day to make new friends.  A very awesome lady held my knees while I attempted 30 pull ups.

I did 6 sets of 5
Being lazy,  photo credit included in photo

I might try using bands later this week.  

One thing is for sure though,  I'll be doing more back work between now and Memorial Day.

I was pretty impressed with myself for getting 30 'real' pull ups though! Woah!
I also followed with 6 sets of 5 push ups and air squats with a 25lb bar bell.  I felt semi beastly! 

I'm gotta go but hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday and I'll write again tomorrow!