Chest Day

It wasn't the worlds greatest workout...I didn't sweat, but you don't necessarily need to in order to get in a good workout. But my first day back on chest since my month off...well...pushing my arms together as if to clap, seems...tough. Haha, so in that aspect I know I lifted what I could. And lifted well...except I had this problem later as I was cooling down on the treadmill

Don't act like it's never happened to you! Good, laugh at my was so bad I had to leave to the area should anyone think it would have actually been ME!

Anyway, on to the next...Here is this week's final list on what I'll be making for Our Star Spangled BBQ...I just hooked you back to my original post, since my plan didn't change. I might throw in a few things last minute but you can be sure I'll be posting pictures on Monday of what it looks like!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.