Crazy Days Part 2 #ThrowbackThursday

I guess it's par for the course that this weekend in June is just insane. Last year around this time, the hubs and I had taken some much needed rest between a wedding, a funeral, and a mini vacation.

This year we're renovating at least half of our house, preparing for house guests on top of a few other projects we have going on. Unfortunately, we don't even have a vacation picked out, yet alone a break from the chaos of life.

So for the next few days I am going to be posting links to other great articles, websites, and pictures I find incredibly inspiring! Please forgive for the short and sweet posts, but I am desperately trying to stay connected as well as stay caught up on my real life ;)

I've decided to do a Throw Back Thursday post, from this time last year. Crazy days, just click the orange link to see why LAST year was so crazy.

When life gets crazy, sometimes workouts are hard to do. You have to pack a bag, drive to the gym....let alone actually have TIME to exercise when you get there...sometimes it's best just to workout at home.

I'm re sharing a video from about this same time last year about working out at home!

Blessings Everyone. I can't promise I'll post tomorrow, but I will this weekend.