Disney and doughnuts

After playing around on buzzfeed this afternoon it occurred to me to comply a list of Disney workout tracks...I'm guilty of it. I have a few tracks on my play list while working out. How can you NOT be motivated when you get to listen to Mulan's "I'll Make a Man out of You"?

By the end of song, she's a woman warrior trying to save her dad! Coming up from the bottom of the ranks and out running the dudes! When cat's watch this video they become lions...I'm just saying this is probably at the top of my list!

I do have Let It Go on my list as well...albeit...it's a bit over played at this point, but it has great impact. Don't let anyone push you down! For a different twist...here's Demi Levato singing it.

Go the distance from Hercules...I can honestly say I forgot about this song but after listening to it, it is pretty motivating. Read the lyrics as they scroll, it's worth a listen. It's probably more of a walking song, or like mile 7 or 8 of a half when you start to slack a little.

I really need to put Colors of the Wind on my play list. Sometimes listening to a character, or in this case--a character based off a real person-- who had an impact on history can actually be motivating.

This song is always fun

This has a great beat and when I get the chance to run the Disney Princess Half some day this will be on my play list for sure...

Poor Unfortunate Souls will really help you get your mad on, lol...can't you just see yourself running or lifting and then dramatically waving your arms when she gets to the REALLY good part?

And this one...because the way this piece is put together is just beautiful. This would definitely fit in the last few miles of any race. Absolutely love. Gets my heart pounding.

The Disney blog even has a list of songs that are suppose to help motivate you during a workout.

With all this motivation who needs carbs? Well, it is national doughnut day...and carbs can and are good for you...Here's my doughnut post from January. Seems I was a little ahead of the game for doughnut day ;) They are Paleo Chocolate Chip Doughnuts!

Blessings Everyone,