Food Prep for Race Day

Last day of training was yesterday. Went well. You know you're a runner though when your training schedule says 1 mile and you run 2, you know...just in case.

I ran my fastest mile this year. 9 minutes 11 seconds. Not as fast as I was when I was training for the half last year.

When it comes to training eating right is half the equation for a great race. I've been trying to perfect my pre-race meal. When I first started running I remember a night when I was getting ready for a race and I decided to eat crackers (this was before I gave up gluten.) After the race my stomach almost bottomed out and I doubled over. My stomach hurt SOOO bad. I remember after cutting gluten my first race, I was waiting for the rolling ball of needles to cut it's way through my intestines.

It never came.

But that's not the entire point of the story. I'm not going to tell you to cut gluten, but I will tell you, you have to fuel your body the proper way.

Starts with carb and when is incredibly important. I make sure to have a balanced and non spicy meal the night before. Something sort of bland. Like chicken and sweet potato with broccoli.

Also avoid anything salty you don't want to be swollen on race day.

I also make sure to eat something that won't make me burpy for breakfast. Such as oatmeal + protein powder, eggs. Then right before the race I usually drink an energizing drink or have a shot blok from cliff.

I've tried the simple carb drinks before/during a run but I find that if I'm full before the race, (NOT STUFFED, just full) that I feel better after the run. I also make sure to follow up running with a recovery drink to help replenish my muscles with minerals that were depleted during a tough workout or really long run.

Check out this web link, from Runners World, for more carb loading ideas and how to fit it into the diet. The best is trial and error. That's why it's good to keep running, to figure out what works for YOUR body!