Weekly Meal Plan 9/23-9/30

Here is this week's meal plan. While it will be mostly Paleo focused, trying to clean up my diet from being on vacation...which has messed with my PCOS a little bit. So hopefully cleaning it up, will get me back on track.
If you're new to my blog, I eat a mostly Paleo diet. I usually cook most of it myself but every now and again I will have some processed stuff as well as things that are not on the acceptable Paleo list. However this week, I will continue to focus on 5 small portion sized meals with my macro goals of 35% protein, 35% carbs, and 30% fat grams for the day.

Breakfast-- Raspberry Almond Pancakes, Cereal (Enjoy life---I keep posting that I'll eat this, but yet, it still sits in my cabinet!) Oatfit (I have 1 packet left that needs to be eaten), Waffles
+ 6 egg whites + 1 piece of fruit

Meals 2/3/4--
Turkey Taco Salad (ground turkey, taco seasoning, mixed fajita peppers, and diced onion) lettuce/spinach leaves (And/or sweet potato chips...will depend on carb count for the day) guacamole, and salsa x2
2nd breakfast x6 (usually 6 egg whites + fruit)
Left Overs x4
Mini Meatloafs x4
Sauteed Chicken tenders with Green Beans and diced Bacon 
Chiptole x1

Broiled porkchops with a vegetable
Beef Stew
Chicken Soup
Brinner (Otherwise known as Breakfast for Dinner, it this meal will depend on where I sit carb count wise for the day)
Hamburger Soup will have to omit potatoes)
Chiptole x1
Pan Fried Chicken

(This is pretty much my day as well...only I have my tea with breakfast, and I only have 1 nightly meal.)

 Ugh, I'm exhausted. LOL
Blessings everyone,