Another Acne Update:: Winning the War

I want to share with you the pictures of my experience with a Lumi-Light Facial but don't exactly have the words to describe how it's helped...I posted about this awhile back in acne update but it's been a few weeks since I've received my last light treatment. Here is where you can find the first post.  Today, however, I will share all 12 photos with you...


 (This was just last week! Week 13...of course I have makeup on, but it looks WAY more natural now, instead of it being obvious that I'm trying to hide my face under makeup. Especially WAY less obvious that I am trying to hide my breakout as well.)

It's been a great boost to my confidence to have a clearer complexion. My esthetician did a great job. The girls have really kept me on track as well. So far I've had one follow up appointment of a chemical peel to get rid of the scaring.
I am using the complete bioelements line as well.
I have to apologize to Jackie and Katie (My skin ladies) because when you've tried EVERYTHING on the market it's really hard to believe someone when they say 'This will work'. And switching over to the full line has really helped. It is expensive, but it is worth it.

Here is everything I use on my face.
Decongestant Cleanser
Breakout Control
Moisture x10 (my skin was/is seriously dehydrated)
Calmitude Moisturizer
I also use a L'Bri Toner -- but I am thinking of switching over to the Equalizer
And the Oil control mattifer on my forehead

Then twice a week I use NOW Moroccan Red Clay Mud Mask and the Bioelements Pumice Peel

The other thing I REALLY like about biolements, if you check out their website they specifically tell you which products to avoid if you have any allergies. I feel good about the line I'm using because it is gluten and soy free! I also checked the Skin Deep website to see if they're products are not just good and helping me look good but are legitimately okay to put on my face. Unfortunately their ingredient list is a little outdated but knowing where it started is why I continue to use the line now.

Oh vey.'s a lot, but it's working and I don't have to take a pill!!! OR any stinking prescription from the Dermatologist. The kind that just end up making me sick.

I should also let you know that I use the full line of L'Bri Makeup as well. It's gluten, dairy, soy free. Unfortunately they don't sell their products direct off their website you have to order them through a direct sales consultant. All I can tell you is that it has made a difference in how bad my acne is.

I often think about how much I spend on all of these products, but they last me for months! And they keep me looking great.
When you look great, you feel great.

I'm happy with the results. Jackie did tell me, as I complained about the 3 pimples I have right now, that some breakout WILL still happen. It won't be perfect, but for now it's under control.

My overall experience was that it was worth it. The pictures also helped me prove that I really need to eat minimal dairy. You can see the weeks where the acne was worse...You bet the corresponded to me consuming more dairy. It's been awhile since I've had pizza...but I try not to think about it.

The investment is worth it. I promise.
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