Paleo--heart healthy?

Fooducate posted a research article from Australia that found the paleo diet does in fact causes weight gain in mice. They fed a paleo style diet to over-weight, obese, pre-diabetic mice.

The scientists attribute this rapid deterioration to the high fat in the diet, and concluded that people with diabetes, or pre-diabetes, a paleo, or low-carb-high-fat diet, may cause more harm then good.

I didn't panic when I read this, but I did sort of scoff at it a bit. How many people have success with this diet? Tons. But how do I balance the study with what I've seen?
To PubMed I go!

Beneficial effects of a Paleolithic diet on cardiovascular risk factors in type 2 diabetes: A randomized cross over study. Granted this article is from 2009, so it's possible research has looked into other factors, but it states that "Over a 3-month study period, a Paleolithic diet improved glycemic control and several cardiovascular risk factors compared to a Diabetes diet in patients with type 2 diabetes"

The truth is though, I only follow a moderately heavy paleo, not full paleo, as I still have a few processed foods here and there. I have had and continue to have great success when I follow a low carb, higher-ish fat & protein diet. Every time my blood work at a doctors appointment comes back great. Sometimes I think I surprise the doctors. But hereditary also plays a role in your cholesterol levels!
 As I do more research I feel like my head is swimming. Wait two months and there will be another study that says eating 8 apples a day is bad for you. Well sure...because that's not moderation. That's a ton of fiber...the bathroom would become your second home I'm sure.

I've talked about this before...all these different diets out there, which is the best? Mostly I do research on the ones that might specifically relate to PCOS and hypothyroidism.  Now? Now I'm doing more research on Heart Healthy Diets, due to the Man's high cholesterol levels.

The best thing I can tell you to do with ALL of the information out in the world is do what's best for you. A you centered diet.

"You have to do something that you are going to be able to live with. Something that BALANCES healthy with fun" Me...quoting myself...haha

Most importantly talk to your doctor, do your research. Find out what works best for you. I know through trial, error, and experience that a low carb, high protein diet works for me. But mostly getting enough vegetables, fruit, meat, and less sugar is the best thing I can do for my body. As well as getting enough moderate exercise.