The Gratitude Game

When I am feeling particularly stressed or if I can't get my mind out of a negative Nancy mindset (Does anyone wonder whatever Nancy did to get that awful nickname? Now I bet you do) I play the Gratitude Game. It's a simple enough game really. Start with 5 things that you are grateful for. If that's too hard start with one.
(I feel like I've talked about this before...maybe I haven't...and unfortunately I can't pull up an old post to find out if I have.)

I sometimes start with the most basic stuff. Here is today's list.

1. Breathing. I'm grateful that I can breath with two very healthy lungs. We recently lost an extended family member to a lung issue. Granted she was much older, but still somewhat young. Breathing is what takes us back to the most basic thing imaginable.

Taking deep breaths helps with bringing your mind back to your body. Not allowing it to further wander in the minefield of negative emotions. Check out One Powerful Word for a full list on things deep breathing can do for literally everyone. As well as this article over at Harvard on Relaxation Techniques to help get you started.

2. A friend at work. She's my work wife. (Mostly a work spouse is someone of the opposite sex. I work at a salon...98% chance I am going to work with mostly women while I am in the Salon World.) If I need a laugh she's there. If I need to whine, she's there. She buys me fries and coffee or lets me finish her bag of chips. Sometimes we'll even have to turn each others stuff off, like hair straighteners, curling irons, table know...things that would burn the place to the ground!
Although, I do see my work wife outside of work, so she probably doesn't COMPLETELY qualify as my work wife...but whatevs, gotta support her!

(For the record I'm not huge on having an opposite sex work spouse...I'm sure there's ton of research why it's fine, but for me, it doesn't sit well with my soul to let another male that emotionally close to my crazy schemes, rants, and passions. That's saved for my battle buddy, the Hubster.)

3. My dog. Arguably the best dog ever. She snores. Farts. Is whiny. Incredibly sneaky. And I love every piece of her.
She's always happy to see me when I come home. Wiggles her entire backside if she feels her tail isn't quite doing the job. Sometimes she gets SO excited she jumps and spins a circle in the air all at the same time. She's warm and LOVES to cuddle. Her ears are constantly dirty, it's almost time for her to start taking her allergy medicine. She's high maintenance and I love her.

4. A deep, meaningful, yet short conversation with my sister. My sister is my Irish Twin. Technically. We're 14 months apart. But pretty darn close. She has been with me through everything. Anything I need without question she is there. I sometimes fear I don't always reciprocate everything she does for me, but she knows exactly how much I love her.
 We can have full blown conversation without saying more than a few words to each other. She often translates my speech, as I often apparently have my own language. When I had my wisdom teeth pulled she could read my thoughts and words...LOL, I honestly got stressed when she had to leave...who was going to understand me?
I cried on the phone tonight when I started talking to her, but by the end of our conversation, she had fixed a piece of me that needed to be put back together. Helped me see a situation from a different perspective.

 (We thought we were being cute, because it was the Empire Strikes Back, episode 5...get it? That's why were doing the V! Or the peace sign, lol...I was amused...nerd alert!!!)

5. And my battle buddy. Not every day has been easy. But every day has been worth it. We celebrated another year of marriage on Tuesday.

(This quote is not my own. I screen shot it off of another woman's blog, I will try to find it!)

The best part about this game, is you usually when I play this game it's hard to stop at just 1. Or just 5. I got to thinking about it's good to remember where I started. Whether it's emotionally or physically. It helps me remember just how strong I am. What I've overcome. What I have the power within me to do.

Reflecting on my start also reminds me that it takes time and patience to REALLY accomplish great things.  

Blessings all, I'm off to hopefully get some rest.