This weeks noms

What are noms? According to urban dictionay nom is an expression of eating. OR a sound thereof. So when you eat, you say nom-nom-nom-nom.

Noms equals food. It makes sense if you don't think about it.

We've been label reading like crazy. Pretty proud of my husband that even he is starting to look at the sodium levels and clerestory levels in prepackaged things now. It makes my heart happy that he's attempting to help his heart health. With that all in mind, here are this weeks nomy-noms!

Breakfast-- Overnight Oats, I'll continue to attempt new recipes and share these with you next week.
Egg whites + Fruit + Banana Blueberry Breakfast Bread

Meal 2-- Energy Bites or bars or protein smoothies

Meal 3-- Shredded Chicken and left over sauteed red cabbage 
Left Overs 
And we'll probably get lunch out for a least two days

Meal 4-- PCOS Breakfast Cookies with hard boiled egg whites

Meal 5--
Simple, basic tacos
Oven broiled pork chops

That's it for this week. I think our biggest change towards heart health was switching from frozen chicken back to fresh. It's insane how much sodium is in frozen chicken. Ugh! From about 130mg to 40mg from frozen to fresh. I'd say it's worth the swap. 
Alright everyone, hope you have a blessed Thursday and I will post again tomorrow!