Tools for weightloss

Over New Years, my sister and a mutual friend were describing what they love and don't love about their FitBits. The girls were really enthralled in their conversation when the husband looked at me and asked 'Do you have one of those wrist things?' I replied that I didn't. I use My Fitnesspal for all things tracking related. The 'wrist thing' just seemed to be a bit of a hassle.

Today, as I logged my '80th' day of tracking my food, I wondered what tools are there for success and how people make choices for these tools.

Do people pick because it's the latest and greatest trend? Do they pick because of price? Or the more appropriate question, are they picking what fits into their lifestyle.

I believe, I'm not a scientist, nor have I done any research, BUT I believe or rather wonder if you choose the wrong tool, do you just end up tossing it the 'tried it' pile? Then let it collect dust like some people let their treadmills become giant clothes hangers?

There are ton of tools out there on the market. Ranging from free to yearly subscriptions. Apps, websites, physical trackers.

I wish I had time to go through them all. I'll just run the top 3 by you, that I know of or use. 

The biggest thing, for me, that I noticed was while the appeal of a FitBit sounds great, I would constantly be taking off the wrist unit while I'm massaging. In doing a little bit of research though I have found that there is a FitBit device that can hook to your shirt, or in a pants pocket, that will track your steps, your activity, as well as your sleep! It's $200 though. Not yet in my price range. Check out Laly Mom for the 411 on everything FitBit related. Or Head to My Natural Family to find which fit would be right for you.

The Nike Fuel Band also seems like a great tool. My brother used his for years, he also got his lady one. It was fun because the band had a lot of fun colors that would flash and tell you to move more. The proverbial BRIGHT SHINY OBJECT. It would certainly motivate me to move that's for sure. Plus it has a full read out screen, which FitBit didn't seem to have. 


Also check out Style Blue Print for a Band vs Band sound off

I personally just love using my fitness pal. While it doesn't track my sleep...I'm not sure if it does in the MVP version, I'm too cheap to purchase it...right's great for helping me keep track of my carb count. It will detail your macro nutrients, which are the nutrients in big quantities to order to properly function, as well as the micro nutrients For a pretty decent way to calculate what your macros should be head over to the Body Building to their macro-nutrient Calculator.

It's pretty spot on to what my nutritionist has told I need. I still need to cut just a few more fat grams in order to 'shred' and a few more sugar grams...because you

Anyway, I digress...

Back to weight loss tools...although...there's another one for you!

I also use Map My Run. I just recently started tracking my workouts on Map My Run as well as my runs. There are challenges that the app offers, usually sponsored by Under Armour, where if you log so many meals, you're entered for a chance to win gear, or a gift card, or whatever they feel like giving away! Plus you can create challenges to challenge and motivate your friends. I like using both apps (The Map My Run and Map My Fitness) because the sync seamlessly. What I plug in, I can always count it to show up in the other. I'm not an app or phone aficionado so I'm sure there's other things I could be doing with both apps. But they are easy to use and the biggest thing, it fits my lifestyle.

I spend TONS of time on my phone. My phone stores my life details. Pictures,'s my box where I can connect to the world. I can also simultaneously use Map My Run, while listening to music, using charity miles, OR even Zombies, Run! (The only app I've ever paid for by the way, lol) I don't have to take a bracelet on or off. I don't have to worry about every time I'm going to get wet if I will need to track something on my app. I can also just bring up Fitness Pal anytime I want to log my meals, or delete something if I didn't end up eating it. With the click of a few buttons (and their food database is in point. I've rarely not found something on this app). 

Fitbit is great! If it fits into your lifestyle.

The would be my BIGGEST suggestion when trying to decide what weight loss 'tool' might be right for you.

If you need help deciding what's best for you or what tool might fit into your lifestyle better, check out these two websites. Health line has the 24 Best Weight Loss Apps for Iphone and Android (The list is from 2015) and Business Insider 11 Gadgets and Apps that could help aide in your weight loss.

Decide what's best for you. Tracking your food is one of the best ways to see what you are actually eating that alone could make you more aware of your choices. Possibly help create better ones. A band could possibly help you to get out there and move.
Decide where your biggest obstacle to weight is and use a tool to help drive you further. Whether it's living a sedetary lifestyle or tracking your calories use the app that's going to move and motivate you, not be stressful or useless.

Alright everyone, I'm off.
Thanks for stopping by!