Fit Friends

I had a moment yesterday. Where I completely freaked out. Okay, not completely...but about two steps away from completely.

In an effort to be transparent with my fitness journey, I have to tell you that sometimes I don't take my own advice.

It's terrible, I know.

That's why I have friends like Iron woman.

Remember that post, I just recently posted? The one about not letting numbers define you? I'll wait while you take a look.

Did you look?

Okay, yeah. I weighed myself. I've been talking recently about wanting to throw my scale away. It freaks me out sometimes. And yesterday it REALLY freaked me out. I added up what the number on the scale told me compared to what I weighed last January.

It was a 15 pound difference.
Insert freak out here.

This is where friends come in handy.

When I was finally able to text Iron woman later in the day, I got the best response.

She reminded me that I REALLY SHOULDN'T focus on the scale. Change is slow. I am where I am because I had the persistence and motivation to keep going. It took a long time to get to this HEALTHY lifestyle I lead. Also, I didn't gain my weight fast back either. Some of it probably isn't even bad weight gain. I have been lifting a lot more and eating more protein. I am building muscle. 

She was right. I even forgot my own rule. Turns out, when I stepped on the scale this guts had been full over the past couple days. I weighed 4 pounds less this morning. 

I think I really am in that place where it's time to get rid of the scale and just watch my wobbly bits turn into solid muscle and keep an eye on pants that fit. I need to start watching my inches instead of my pounds. 

So this post is for Iron Woman. Thank you for always building me up and reminding that I am more than the scale. 

Who inspires you? 
Let me not forget that you, my readers, also drive me forward. You keep me accountable. Thank you for tuning into this little blog on the web and watching my journey of health. 

Blessings to you.