We Are Not Failures

Define what your goal is. Be flexible about your timeline but never about the goal.

It's been on my mind lately about what my goals are. I sometimes think of you as readers and wonder what goals you might be setting for yourself. It's so nice of you to tune into my tiny corner of the web and watch me obsess of gaining and losing weight. To see what I cook up in my kitchen. To watch my journey to total mind/body health. Thank you for reading my neurotic stories of fangirling and stories about my dog.

(She was so sick this week. I didn't know it was possibly for dog's to run fevers. But her antibiotic has kicked in and she's feeling better. Have to put drops in her ears three times a day, but she enjoys the extra love and treats.)

You all keep me going. So do my goals. I want to rock this upcoming Murph. I can feel my legs getting stronger and my endurance building. Since my epic freak out last week I've been looking at myself through kinder eyes. Saying "This is what I love about my body" instead of saying "This is what I hate about my body"

Talking with a client today about their upcoming race, it reminded of the advice they gave me earlier in the year. "If you sign up for the marathon, then your committed to doing it. Then you have to train." 
It's true! While I haven't signed up for a full marathon yet, I still might. Waiting to see how I feel after my half at the end of the ear. 

You know it took me a few years to lose 80lbs. Not a few weeks, not a few months. Years. Don't be too hard on yourself. You can push yourself. Only you know what you are capable of. Only you know how fast, how hard you can push yourself. 

But I know you can do it. I know you are capable of achieving your dreams. 

And just in case no one has told you...

We only truly fail when we don't learn from our mistakes. Even then we are not failures. 

What are your goals? Find it. Find them. Don't be flexible about what you want. Be flexible about how long it takes you to get there.