Day 5 #PlankforPCOS

Finished day 5 of planking! 40 seconds!

For grins and giggles, I came across this post from 2 years ago. Funny how this weekend two years ago I was also watching a friends dog.

History is repeating itself.

This is hope. She also has tons of energy. I very much can see how B is slowing down even more. She's still getting up on on the couches okay...but generally spends her time sleeping. I guess at 60 years of doggie years, in not so great health, she's bound to slow down a bit.

Anyway, here's my training plan from 2 years ago...

Murph Day Challenge Preview 2014

Kind of cool to see how confident I am this year in accomplish the Murph. I'm so ready for this challenge.
I'll post tomorrow when it's done.