Motivation Monday #13

I've been a lame blogger lately. I haven't posted in forever. I have been thinking about you all for the last week though. Thinking 'oh I bet my readers would love this', 'Can't wait to share this with my readers!' However, it has been a busy season in my life and I have been focusing more on being a more attentive wife. You know, listening while he talks...that whole thing. I try not to post while I am spending time with him.  Our time is precious and I want to treat it as such.

Anyway...thanks for still stopping over to read while I've been gone. You are truly great readers. Thank you for also being patient with me during this busy season of my life.

With all of that said, I am back with Monday motivators!

OH! Before all that! Guess what? It turns out it wasn't even a chest cold last week!!! It was my allergies!!!! AGH! A whole new level of suckage. My doctor put me on an inhaler as well as yourself a favor. Don't take that at night. I was just wired and couldn't sleep. I had two 90min segments of napping and then had to run 4.5 miles Saturday wasn't pretty. Let's just say that much. So anyway, I am not sick...just allergic to the air apparently. Bleh!

 Here are some snapshots of things that brought me happiness, joy, and reminded to be healthy. (A new recurring post, check the magic behind the post here.

Iron Woman and I were up before the sun came up on Saturday. The first photo was on the way to meet up with her and then the 6:28am was during our run. Woo, was that a tough run for me. Those 3hrs of sleep the night before about took me out during the run. 

 You can tell by my splits how bad it was for me. That's my post runfie and Iron Woman's half way point. She is killing her training this week. Improved her time two runs in a row! WAY TO GO IRON WOMAN!

 My mom cracks me up with her snap chats. I love her. Look at this fun non-sense. OOH...and I colored my hair pink.

I came across some old photos of myself. I can't help but make some before and after pictures. Both pictures are from my wedding.
This first one is an 8 year difference. My brother is a little more grown. I'm a little more healthier. 

Here's close up of my face though. I look a bit drunk in the wedding photo but trust, I was not. I was too busy running around talking to everyone  to even eat let alone drink.
Anyway, again...8 year difference. You can tell the difference in my face. It's cleared up quite a bit and it's not as round as it used to be. 

 One of the first things my husband said when I lost the weight 3 years ago was that he could tell the difference in my neck. Men. He meant that to be a compliment of course but looking at these two pictures, I guess I didn't realize it till now.

Anyway, Thank you all for staying with me. Hope you a good night sleep.