Weekly Food Menu

Keeping the junk and the sugar out of my diet is hard. I generally eat pretty healthy, or rather I did, but once the sugar gets in, it's so hard to get out! Plus it's the holiday season! AND I'M TRAINING FOR A MARATHON! I'm basically constantly hungry now.

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The best way to avoid eating all the junk is planning ahead. Making sure I stick to my diet and planning to fail. Otherwise known as, keeping healthy emergency snacks in my purse in case I get so hangry that I become blind with rage. (I joke, I know I got it good, first world problems)

This Week's Meal Plan

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Fruit with Peanut butter or PB Fit, and egg whites. I'll eventually switch out the oatmeal for a paleo bread, but right now, I'm just using up the oatmeal because it's quick and easy.

Meal #2- Protein Shakes or Protein Bars
These are quick and great for after or even before long runs.

Meal #3- Spaghetti Squash with Chicken and whatever is leftover from dinner aka Meal #5

Meal #4- Oranges (Really trying to double up on my vitamin C since I'm constantly in and out of cold weather and warm surroundings. With temps dropping, it's important that I keep my immunity up before this full.) Pumpkin seeds, beef jerky, lightly salted almonds, and raisins, hard boiled eggs.
It's a good mix of essential vitamins and nutrients, but good quality fats and protein to help me stay full.

Meal#5- Roast Beef, Beef Stew, Pork Carnitas, Chili, Egg Roll in a Bowl, Potato Soup with Ham and Bacon, Beef enchiladas

I hope these recipes inspire to keep the faith, keep eating healthy as best you can this Holiday Season! Also remember that just because you eat healthy, doesn't mean it has to be boring.