Murph Training Update

Iron woman and I have been hitting the gym hard training for the Murph. While we've discussed and somewhat started training for a fall marathon, neither of us are in love with the idea of actually running right now. Not on the treadmill. Not in the heat. Not in the rain.

We love running, but right's work. We're not in love. At least I'm not. Well, I am but I also love not having knee pain or watching my time and tracking my miles.

We're giving ourselves until the Murph to decide if we're committed to running a full. I know I am signed up for a 10k in June with another friend whose walking the 5k. Maybe that will also help me decide. We'll see. It's still just work. Luckily I did squeeze in a run tonight, but I started to feel my knee acting up just after mile 2. I'm going to try taping it on my next run and continue to stretch, ice, and foam roll.

What I am loving is all the weight lifting we've been doing. I feel SO GOOD after we get done. I've recently switched gyms. It's slightly intimidating and I feel like 'fresh meat' every time I walk in, mostly because there are "REAL" weight lifters there. Plus when I grab little baby weights compared to their gigantic weights...I kind of flush with embarrassment. But everyone has to start somewhere. And our journey is not their journey.

Oh boy, let me tell you how much I enjoy having a gym partner now. We've been follow the Jaime Eason's Live Fit Trainer 12 Week program. I've done this one before in the past. It's a really good program for introducing lifting to beginners.

This would be my biggest recommendation for early morning, late afternoon work outs. Find a partner. Someone who can keep you accountable. Also remember though that you still have to show up and be accountable to them as well. Your partners there to make sure you finish strong. You are there to make sure you show up for them.

Anyway, back to the Murph.

We are breaking the Murph down into a few different parts. 1 mile run, 20 sets of 5 pull ups (weighted assist).  20 sets of 10 push-ups and 20 sets of 15 squats then another mile. We will not be using the vests. We might start out with them, but neither of us have been training in them. (The vests are supposed to be 20lbs.)

We got up to 9 sets of each exercise. Wednesday when we met up, I couldn't bring myself to do another 9 rounds plus adding 1 more round. My arm pits hurt. My sides hurt. I had fatigued my upper body and it needed to rest. The great thing about exercise is there's always something ELSE you can do. We can still build strength while resting over fatigued muscles. We can still do cardio without running. We can still strength train without using heavy weights. OR we can use heavy weights and lower reps. There's always something you can do. All you have to do is move.

If you are at all interested in donating to this worthy cause, or might be interested in doing a modified version of it, or even just doing it, head over to Murph Challenge. It is a great way to honor everyone who has fallen in the line of duty and to remember everything they sacrifice.

Check out last year's pictures from the challenge.

Alright. I'm off.