It's D-day for the Plankmas Challenge! P-DAY!!!

And I have done it! Well... I attempted it anyway...since the last time I tired to hold a plank looks to be about a week and half ago, it didn't go well. I made it 1min and 5 seconds before I had to hit the pause button...then I got back up and tried to wiggle through another minute by doing a one footed plank on both sides as well as a plank on my hands versus my forearms. I only got about a minute of that done, before I had to pause again and then hold hold a plank on my knees and then switch from side plank to side side plank.

But man my core is beginning to feel like a power house! Even if you didn't keep up with this challenge this last month, you can still try a plank every day. Heck try this in January if you want!
I plan to add a plank to the end of the my workouts from now on. It's perfect and tones and strengthens so many muscle groups.

Onto today. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE everyone!!! Thank you for reading my blog posts and being part of my journey of faith & fitness. You have been spectacular readers, and I love reading the comments and hearing back from all of you. Thank you! I am truly blessed to have you. It's always cool when someone mentions my blog to me in passing. You keep pushing my forward. Helps me to be a better example and practice what I preach. Thank you again.

Last year, I spent New Years Day with the Sailors Wife and it is a long tradition, especially from the south to eat black eyed peas and cabbage on New Years day. As well as 12 grapes.
Here's an awesome post about why these are good luck charms for the New Year to Come, Cottage at the Crossroads

My plan is to make BBQ pork ribs with Killer BBQ sauce. Basically just going to put pork ribs in the slow cooker and then add the cooked sauce. Easy enough. Very Paleo.

For a side dish, I texted my long time best friend-Southern Belle for her recipe, I am going to make black eyed peas(not paleo, but part of the "clean eating diet" I believe) cooked applegate bacon, in chicken stock, with salt/pepper, and a little red onion or white...

Then for another side I will make Easy Autoimmune Paleo Coleslaw, head over to grass fed girl for the recipe.
These are all great SUPER EASY recipes that are said to bring you luck in the new year.

Grapes are what will be for dessert, it is said to be a Spanish Tradition.
I had some last year with the Sailors Wife and I left like I had a pretty decent year. I didn't come without it's lows but I know looking back I'll be able to celebrate more of the highs from it.

Fitness wise I completed SO much! The Murph Challenge! My first 10k, my first obstacle course, and of course the half marathon! Oh my gosh, can't forget the mini triathlon!

What a success it was. Looking back there are so many great moments celebrate with each of those accomplishments too.

I am looking forward to just relaxing tonight and tomorrow. I wish you all a Very Happy and Successful New Year!

We spend January 1 walking
through our lives, room-by-room,
drawing up a list of work to be
done, cracks to be patched.
Maybe this year, to balance the
list, we ought to walk through the
rooms of our lives… not looking for
flaws, but for potential.
Happy New Year. ~ Anon

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it Springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." Isiah 43:19