The Struggle is real and it continues

Still no Internet access at my house & fortunately for me, I've been packed at work. Therefore I haven't had time to research, dig deep, and sit down & post.

First things first, the paleo crock pot ribs with killer bbq sauce went over amazingly. I came home with only 1 small pork rib left. I think because it was buried in the sauce everyone assumed the crock pot was empty. I am obsessed with this new recipe. The difference between how I cook, which pretty much consists of taking as many short cuts as possible, and the recipe above is that I used about 3.5lbs of country style pork ribs (meaning no bones) and placed all of them in the crock pot on high for several hours (till they were thoroughly cooked & there was no pink left). I may have also pour bacon grease on them as well as added a few bits of cooked bacon.

The coleslaw, not my best...but turns out I didn't use the right coconut milk...that's definitely one short cut I shouldn't have taken. Everyone loved the black eyed peas as well. Check out New Year's Eve Post for all the links to the recipes.

Alright everyone, I have to keep it short, I have to get back to work here shortly then I am packed solid the rest of the day and then busy as always tonight.

I think my biggest help for having achieved my New Year's Resolution Goals last year, was that I wrote them down. I kept track of them every month by securing them to a clip board that was by my side of the bed. I would pull it out often and look at them, reevaluate, and maybe even remind that oh yeah, I had forgotten that goal.

Last year I wanted to read 12 books (just to see/keep track of how much I actually read a year)...well, I only got 11 done. I wanted to donate every I missed 1 month. I wanted to run a half marathon! Boom! I wanted to do an obstacle course race! Boom! Done & done!

Write your plan down! Then share it with a friend, I will share more this weekend! Gotta run! 



Anonymous said…
I made a small list the other day, but I think I am going to add to it and, like you said, keep it next to the bed!