Day 11: The Dreams have started

When I first-first (before my false starts) started the 21 day diet detox I said I'll let you know when the dreams start...last night I had an epic dream about cake balls...or cake pops as they're called. Just cake balls covered in chocolate frosting and I'm sure there was some ice cream in there as well being covered in sprinkles.

LOL, oh my. I wonder if there will be more tonight? My favorite is still the one where I'm eating granulated white sugar from a bowl. I've been on and off this sugar quest for a while now, but for some reason using the 21Day as a resource has really helped me stick to it.

I'm still a bit moody, but that should pass by the weekend or next week. Training for my timed 5k will pick up soon, I'm getting pretty pumped to start racing again. It helps me to think of the power of running when I'm in a negative head space. I love how I feel after I run.

Along with training, I've finally made it to week 9 of the Jaime Eason LiveFit Trainer. It's suppose to be a 12 week program that I have or will have managed to stretch into 6months, lol...oh boy. But I do what I can when I can. Today's workout was great and really had me moving.

That's a type of workout I love. I have not been following her nutrition program, mostly because I  couldn't figure out how to use the website for the longest dang time, lol...but if I go directly to the day I am suppose to be on, the workout I am suppose to do, she does include a meal plan for the day.  I'm still trying to figure out how to lean out a bit. Especially through my belly, hips, and thighs. 

We shall see what my body looks like at the end of the sugar detox and at the end of phase 3 of this program.

Look at me...accomplishing things. Or rather...attempting to accomplish things. 

Anyway... I need to run. I pray you all have good days and I will write again tomorrow.