Race Recap 10/16/16 Highlights

I'm starting to fade pretty quickly. Needing a nap, hard core. I'll start with the major difference between this race and my first half. (Pictures, thoughts)

*I started taking oseto-biflex this year...I can honestly say this go around, the front of my knees don't hurt, but I did something awful to the upper left side of my calf (For all you LMT's, Nurses, PT's, Personal Trainers...It's my left lateral superior gastrocnemius) it's killing me.

*I stopped and walked A LOT more this go around...finished a whole 25minutes behind my first half, but after 10 days off...not bad

*I recommend the walk/run method! At mile 12 Iron Woman and I both felt like we'd been hit by trucks. We ran 1 minute, walked 1 minute. It really helped. (I will go more in depth to the walk/run method at a later date)

*Even though it felt like time was passing fast, like my first half, it was actually a lot slower. I hit a physical wall before I hit the mental wall this go around. Literally everything hurt during the race. At one point my chest kind of burned right in the center...which naturally freaked me out. However, Iron Woman was very supportive. 'Just keep calming thoughts. You can do this. Breath. Slow down.'

*I had to use an inhaler. I only used it once. I just wasn't catching my breath very well, Iron woman said 'if you're questioning it, you should use it.' She's always SO good about checking in on me. 'How you doing? Where are you at? How do you feel?' I got a little teary eyed. It's love at it's most raw form.

*I also made sure to implement some post race do's: Mask my face, ice my feet/knees, heat the back of my knee, and use the foam roller.

*Supplements: I drank 3/4 of a yoli passion drink, 3 bolt energy chews, 2 rhodiola's (I will also go over these later)  Made sure to drink some BCAA's post race, and now I'm drinking more here at home...okay...it's time to eat again and take a nap.

*OH! And the race was half an hour late starting!!! AAHH!! That really screwed with some people's timing, motivation, and pre-workouts, lol
Here are the pics!