Walking Dead Workouts

I know it's Sunday Runday...and I know I didn't post some ultra confidence boosting post the other day, but come y'all...it's Walking Dead NIGHT!!!!

 (Haha, wrong show...but Negan who is played by Jeffery Dean Morgan who is their dad in Supernatural.)

In the past I have created a Few Posts to help get you pumped for the show with a few...blood curdling awesome workouts.
I got 10 grueling miles in with Iron Woman this morning, in case you haven't worked out yet...you still have time before the episode comes on at 9/8C.

The Walking Dead Returns
The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Workout Routine
TV Workouts

Find your workout, kick your own butt, then watch the group try to move on from whatever Negan has planned...starting to cry already.