Taking My Own Advice

After realizing I've been writing this blog for an entire year, I have started to go back through and read what I've been writing...I swear to you, a year ago almost exactly mirrors how I've been feeling lately. I wonder if it's that the warm weather will be coming soon, so I think I must do "ALL THE THINGS" in life. I haven't felt much like exercising. Yesterday after an early morning networking event, I headed to the gym. I'd only had 6hrs of sleep and I was begging myself to just go lift. Just even do half of the workout...not even all. I got to the gym, parked in the parking lot, turned off my car, got out. Checked the back seat...

Turns out I left my gym bag...at home... on the couch.

"Okay, so I'll go home, take a nap, then exercise." My 30min nap turned into an 1hr and 30min nap. I did feel much better afterward. I did not get to squeeze a workout in though yesterday & today isn't looking much better either. Tomorrow, I will go lift. No excuses. I'm going to stay head of the game and remember to refocus my energies back into what I love. Which is continuing to be healthy.

Continue to be confident in my own "brand" of beauty. How I define beautiful.

Apparently, re-reading some old posts will help me out too.
No Excuses
Defining You're own brand of beautiful
Rest when I need to & don't feel guilty about it "Because sometimes we need to rest our bodies and our minds. A healthy journey is hard to complete when your head isn't in the game."

I should definitely take my own advice! 

I am unable to make a Sam's club run this month, but I am still keeping an eye on my budget. It's weird being an adult and thinking of money this way, but better late than never. This week I am heading to the store with an $80 spending budget. I'll let you know how I make out tomorrow, with my Weekly Wednesday Menu Plan. This time, I've included my am & pm snacks or mini meals. Hoping is this what is keeping my on track for my budget.

Blessings Everyone,


Amy Caroline said…
Sometimes it is nice to look back and remind ourselves how strong we actually are!
Amanda Goe said…
Thank you Amy, it's weird but yeah! I agree, I find this to be true when I re-read old journal entries as well.